Cleaner Energy for Coram’s Fields

After two years of planning and four months of construction, we are thrilled to announce the completion of our substation project. The new substation provides the park with the cleanest form of power via an electrical supply direct from the National Grid. A central part of Coram’s Fields’ commitment to improving its green credentials, this project will have a sizeable impact on the local community.

Every year, Coram’s Fields hosts numerous large scale events, from the Camden MELA to our annual fireworks display. We also work with partners Awesome Events, whose residency throughout November and December provides a vital contribution towards the charity’s financial sustainability each year. Historically, diesel generators have been used to provide the large amount of power needed to run these events. With the official opening of the substation however, we are now able to use electricity directly from the National Grid. From winter 2021, the substation will provide the power to run nearly every aspect of the marquee operation. From 2022, all community events at Coram’s Fields will be diesel free, ensuring that the charity continues to attract thousands of local children and families to a full range of community events each year while taking a vital step towards making our park, playground and services as green as possible.

On Tuesday 2nd November, we welcomed a wide variety of stakeholders to witness the official opening of the substation. Cutting the ribbon on the day, Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet Member for a Sustainable Camden, was pleased with the project’s success: “Air pollution is a huge concern for all of us, and we know that it can have a particularly damaging effect on children, including harming the development of their lungs. The progress towards powering all events at Coram’s Fields using electricity is a great step forward to improving the air quality at this location.” We would like to take this opportunity to thank Adam and the various other stakeholders whose support, guidance and hard work has been so vital in seeing this project through. In particular:

  • Camden Council: in particular local councillors for financially supporting the project with £100,000 of Community Infrastructure Levy/s.106 funding and the Camden Planning team for their supporting in getting the project agreed so quickly, despite the impact of pandemic.
  • Awesome Events: for their considerable financial investment in the project and their general commitment in getting the project over the line.
  • UK Power Network: for their generous support and input throughout and proactivity in supporting the process from design to construction (particular thanks to Gavin Forrester, David Gabbitas and Basil Scarsella.)
  • Prewitt Bizley Architects: to Chris Jones and Robert Prewitt for their commitment (including pro bono support), energy and expert input.
  • David Friend (Jubb Engineering): for providing pro bono structural engineering advice on the project.
  • Rhys Davis (Cudd Bentley): for his pro bono electrical design input.
  • Edwin Coe: for legal advice at a heavily reduced cost in relation to the UKPN lease and various permissions relating to the works.
  • Bryan Turner: for his commitment to take on the construction work at a heavily reduced cost.
  • Richard Greeves (DWD LLP): for providing reduced cost valuation services for the valuation of the lease impact with UKPN.
  • SIS Pitches: for offering to complete the works on our football pitches at a reduced cost.
  • Littlewood fencing: for their generous donation of over 100 metres of Heras Fencing for the project.

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