Coram’s Fields Bee Club

Our newly opened wildlife garden is home to resident bees! For those interested in trying out beekeeping, we are starting regular sessions for anyone that wants to come along.

Our beekeepers Luke, Marcella and Lesley are running an Introduction to Beekeeping workshop with empty hives on:

Tuesday 24th April from 6pm to 7pm

You will learn about life inside the hive– recognise the queen, worker bees and the drones. You will also have opportunities to light and use smokers, look for eggs and larvae and to see the bees bringing in nectar and pollen to the hive.

Following the introductory workshop, weekly sessions will run every Tuesday until the honey is harvested at the end of summer.

If you want to join Bee Club, or for more information, please contact Kasheena at: or 020 3384 2205

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