Step 1: Get a group together or make it a solo project

Step 4: Use our Play Tower campaign materials to collect donations

Step 5: Have fun and hit that target

What you need to think about:

  • Challenge you want to take up – Something that excites You!
  • Your message and motivation – Want a better world for children to play or just love Coram’s Fields
  • Your network and potential donors – Your loved ones + friends to reconnect with from Uni, your last job or your neighbourhood.
  • Communication channels – Social Media, Phone calls, Emails and conversations by the water cooler
  • Fix a fundraising target – Challenge yourself

Fundraising Ideas - Let your imagination soar like the children on our play tower

OSC children playing

Bake Sale

Get your children or friends in the kitchen and make delicious treats all while having fun. Bake some yummy goodies for your friends, neighbours or colleagues at work to raise funds. Cookies, Brownies, cupcakes the world is your pickle. Don't forget to save yourself a chef's treat!

Fitness Challenge

Looking for motivation to get started on your fitness goals? Do it for the children in the community!
5 mile run? 500 squats in 10 days, a swim in the Thames or maybe just organise a lovely walk with your neighbourhood on a sunny day.


Garden or Crafts sale

Want to show off your green thumb or creative side? Help people around you by teaching them to propagate and sell some seeds and flowers from your garden. Dig into that drawer you've been saving glass jars and old boxes and host a craft day for your loved ones. Recycle and upcycle your way through building children's dreams.


Be brave

Have something on your bucket list you've been meaning to cross? A bungee jump or sky dive or maybe just starting something new. Let your loved ones cheer you on as you support young children all while having fun. Places available for Bungee Jumping on 6th and 7th July at Coram's Fields!


What if I don’t raise enough money?
We appreciate all your work. Rest assured, the amount raised will reach us and be used for the campaign.

How do I set up a page?
Click the link above redirecting you to our JustGiving page. –> Click Start Fundraising under the Be a Fundraiser prompt –> You can edit the page set up for you to suit your project.

How can I promote my project?
Utilize Your Networks:
Send personal emails to family and friends with a link to your project.
Share on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
Utilize newsletters at your disposal.

Engage With Your Supporters
Encourage your supporters to reach out to their networks for support.
Tap Into Old Networks
Connect with former colleagues, old acquaintances, neighbours and friends through platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.
Reach out to the Press
Use local newspapers and radio stations to spread the word beyond your immediate circles.
Take It Offline
Distribute posters and flyers.
Organize meetings and events to engage people in person.
Remember: Avoid spamming or over-promotion.