A Beacon of Community: The Story behind The Little Library at Coram’s Fields

In the heart of our children’s park, among the bustling streets and everyday routines of Central London, lies a story that captures the essence of community spirit. A story of a local family who have coordinated the establishment of a Little Library, a free book exchange for everyone that follows the heartwarming “take one, share one” concept.

The beautiful wooden structure has united many contributors, all wanting to bring the magic of books to children of Coram’s Fields. The driving force behind this are Oliver and Cara, with a vision that has forged an entire new community to come together. With determination, they took up the challenge with the help of their parents and transformed what was just an idea into a reality.

Oliver and his family were inspired to create the Little Library after seeing similar projects in other parts of the world. They wanted to create a space where children could access books for free, regardless of their background.

They started by reaching out to friends, local businesses, publishers, and even Richmond Upon Thames College to contribute to the cause. From design to finding a suitable spot to host the Little Library, every step was infused passion and dedication.

The logo was designed by the amazing illustrator Allen Fatimaharan, and Paul Godbolt, with the support from students at Richmond College, came forward to lend a hand to design and build the most beautiful and unique structure, so well reflecting Coram’s Fields identity.

The Little Library now stands as an open invitation for anyone to take and keep a book and leave another in its place if they have a book to share. It’s a testament to the fact that when one takes initiative, it can ignite change and inspire an entire community.

We invite you all to come and see it for yourself, take one of the books from our amazing selection, and unfold the magic of a community coming together for a purpose.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed on a voluntary, no cost basis to make the Little Library possible, including:

Richmond upon Thames College: Paul Godbolt (Library Design and Construction), Anna O’Flaherty (Project Coordinator)
Allen Fatimaharan: Logo Design
Attic Self Storage, Kings Cross: Storage Space
Gerrish Design: Graphic Designer for Signage
Bookmark Reading: “Story Corner” Magazine Donations
Walker Books: Book Donations
World of Books: Books Donations
Harper Collins Publishers: Book Donations
Cate Douglas, Author: Signed Book Donations
Betterworldbooks: Book Donations
Acorn Book Club: Book Donations
Solopress: Stickers and Bookmarks
Inspirwood: Wood Signage





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