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Local community giving children and young people a future this Christmas

Give hope this Christmas

This Christmas, for the first time, our charity is appealing for vital donations to help give children and young people the very best start in life. It’s been heartwarming to see the support already received from incredible people in our local community.

The last three years have seen Coram’s Fields funding from the local authority all but disappear. This means support from individuals has never been more important if we are to retain this most valuable community resource which provides a lifeline to many local families.

Our seven-acre park and playground in Bloomsbury, open seven days a week, 363 days a year, provides essential access to open space in a densely populated area of London, where young people irrespective of their backgrounds, can come together and play!

Alongside this, our services, provide vital support to some of the most disadvantaged children living in London, delivering often life changing support when young people need it most.

Local residents, across generations, are pledging to help our charity give children the best chances in life through making kind donations. Maureen has visited the park since she was young and commented:

“I used to visit Coram’s Field as a child, and now I often take my grandchildren there. I gave £10 this Christmas towards their work instead of buying Christmas cards. Children in our community should be supported to be the best they can be. So many families are struggling at the moment.”

A community needing support

The local area has seen increasing levels of poverty, crime and antisocial behaviour in recent years, with many of our local wards being some of England’s most deprived. Children and young people are seeing the negative impacts of this on their mental, physical and social wellbeing.

The difficulties experienced in the local community were highlighted by the CEO of Coram’s Fields, Stuart Woods:

“On a daily basis, our staff are working with parents and children having to deal with the fallout of living in severe deprivation. The impact that this has on the parent’s and the child’s physical and mental health is undeniable and simply shouldn’t be accepted in modern society. We’re working tirelessly to support these families and to make sure we do everything we can to reach out to those families who need the most support.”

How your donation will help

The wide range of services on offer at Coram’s Fields improves children’s chances in life. Our Youth programme delivers life-changing intervention for young people affected by gangs and violent crime. It also provides chances for children to build employability skills and experience art and music.

Our Sports programme breaks down many of the common barriers for young people in accessing sport, providing free access to high quality sports coaching for all young people.

The dedicated Under 5s service gives children the very best start in life and provides critical support to parents often suffering from isolation.

These are delivered alongside a comprehensive after school and holiday programme, a Nursery and our unique seven-acre children’s only park and playground.

You can give a child in your local community a future this Christmas. Make a kind donation to Coram’s Fields. Giving is easier than ever, and you can make your donation online here.

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