Meet our newest Young Leader!

M.B is 17 years old and has been attending Coram’s Fields Youth Centre for 2 years. At first, M.B was shy and timid but eventually became comfortable with the space and built a fantastic rapport with the youth workers. 


M.B has improved on her social skills and confidence whilst taken advantage of her mentoring and 1.1 sessions with youth workers. This has allowed her to develop on her confidence and career aspirations. 


M.B thrives whilst working with young children. Her passion towards health and social care has allowed her to not only study the course in college but also use her skills and knowledge to become a great member of our Youth Club. 


In March 2023, M.B accepted her role as a volunteer within our youth centre and completed her training programme til May 2023. The aim of this was to see if M.B was a suitable candidate for our Young Leader programme. 


The young leader programme consists of supporting the youth team in the delivery of sessions. Our aim is to up-skill in areas such as confidence, communication skills, equality, and inclusion, planning and delivery, safeguarding, and acting as role models for all young people. 


In May, M.B completed more than 6weeks of training as a volunteer and has now officially signed to become our first young leader of 2023.


We have chosen M.B to work with our generation project, building rapport with all the young people. To enhance her social skills, M.B will also be working closely with the young girls In Generations. This will not only benefit M.B but will also be a great transition into our girl’s project for the young girls as they will already be familiar with M.B.  In addition, there will be an opportunity for M.B to carry out sessions of her choice during our girl’s project. 


M.B has shown great enthusiasm and has engaged with all project activities. Assisting with project planning and attending all sessions with full preparation and ideas for upcoming projects. 


We have seen M.B develop not just as a volunteer and young leader but also as a young woman. M.B has thrived in showing her commitment to the team and her passion in Youth work. 



“My passion is to work with young people. I have been working on my confidence for a while and I have learnt so much being a member of the youth club. I want to give back the same support I received to young people. I want to make a difference too. I am so grateful to have this opportunity. Thank you, Coram’s Fields, for this new chapter of my life’’ 

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