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As a Children’s Charity, we are honoured to support the local schools in our community, and what better way to do this than by promoting physical activity through music and dance.   

Coram’s Fields is proud to work with communities to ensure that all children have equal opportunities to engage in fun events regardless of their circumstances or challenges. We make every effort to live up to our ethos “A haven for play”. Therefore, it was an absolute pleasure to host what is fast becoming an annual tradition – our Silent Disco.  

The Silent Disco is a free event open to primary school children who might not have a chance to access such an event elsewhere, allowing children from different schools to mix and creating community cohesion.  

Here is how it went down on December the 5th, 

  • 122 children enjoyed our Silent Disco!!
  • Ages 5–10-year-olds from Argyle and St Alban’s CE local primary schools.
  • Each child wore special wireless headphones that connected to a music source. They could adjust the volume and switch between different channels to listen to different types of music at a volume that worked for them.
  • There was A LOT of dancing, and the most popular songs that got kids moving were from Taylor Swift (There appeared to be quite a few Swifties attending!).
  • The feedback from the children: ‘I loved the silent disco! Dancing with my friends was so much fun, and the music was awesome!’ ‘This is the best Disco of my life, thank you for inviting me’.
  • Rubel Uddin, a teacher from Argyle primary shares: ‘The annual Silent Disco Coram’s Fields hold, for the local primary schools, has had a positive impact on the children. Many of the children are from disadvantaged backgrounds and do not have access to such opportunities. The event allowed children to experience music and dance in a different form and gave them access to an activity they would otherwise not have. Coram’s Fields work extremely hard to create events for the local community and are inclusive throughout!’

As you can tell, the event was a massive success enjoyed by everyone who bopped away the afternoon. Naz, our very own Head of Youth and Sports, said, ‘The purpose of this unique activity is to promote physical activity through music and dance. We provide diverse music through headphones, from Taylor Swift to the Beatles and every other genre. The beauty of it is that no one else knows what song they are dancing to, giving them the freedom to partake regardless of a music genre preference or worry about judgment. We are the only organisation to provide this unique activity free of charge, allowing children to express themselves freely in a safe environment.’ 

Having the ability to provide such a fun free event to our wonderful local children would not be possible without the support from our fabulous donors and the OAK Foundation. Overall, encouraging and supporting children to be physically active from a young age sets the foundation for a healthier, happier, and more successful future. We appreciate the support we receive and working together with amazing organisations like The OAK Foundation to make events like the Silent Disco happen.  

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