Making Coram’s Fields Even Greener! – New Mixed Recycling Bins

We are excited to introduce our new shiny set of waste disposal bins across the park at Coram’s Fields, which now include mixed recycling bins.


In an effort to keep the wonderful space at Coram’s Fields clean and visually appealing, as well as to promote recycling,  we have two new types of bins; including a mixed recycling bin for your plastics, glass and any other recyclable materials you may have, as well as a general waste bin for organic waste and any non-recyclable waste.


As one of the leading green spaces in the local area we pride ourselves on continuing to keep Coram’s Fields as a clean and friendly space which we are all proud of. With the new mixed recycling bins across the park we can continue to keep the park looking great for young people, help protect the environment and hopefully teach young people about recycling in the process.

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